Working On Many Projects

I always have multiple art projects that I am working on. Most pieces are projects that were started recently, but there are some pieces that were started more than a year ago. In this image, I believe all of the projects were sketched out within the last year. However, I have many paintings that were started more than a few years ago. As far as the ballpoint projects, the main reason I start more pieces when there are already several that need finished, is because I get many ideas in my head and if I don't get it put on paper right away, I will forget about it. As I mentioned in a previous blog post, I do not always make thumbnail or preliminary sketches. I often draw the idea on the 11"

Original Ballpoints Can Now Be Purchased!

Upon much personal debate, I have made the decision that I will offer my original ballpoint drawings for sale. However, there are some stipulations when purchasing any of these originals. For the most part, ink in ballpoint pens is not archival. If one of my original ballpoint drawings was exposed to certain lights, mainly sunlight, for too long of a period, the ink would begin to fade. No one wants to buy a piece of art, hang it on the wall, and then eventually find that artwork has disappeared! Therefore, these original artworks should only be purchased by serious collectors that have the means of properly storing the artwork away from the elements. With the purchase of an original, I

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