Welcome to Troy's Gallery of "Scribble Art"

What is Scribble Art?  Basically, Scribble Art is art made by scribbling.  I don't know if there is a term yet for the way I create these artworks with various pens, so I just call it Scribble Art.  Since "scribbling" has a bit of a negative connotation, I would like to eventually come up with a better description. There are many other artists that create artworks by scribbling, but everyone seems to have their own way of scribbling and they end up with many different results.  Take a look at my scribble artworks and see what you think.

The work below starts with the newest work and ends with the oldest.  A lot of these works were made entirely with gel pens or ballpoint pens.  Some have other mediums, like spray paint or acrylic paint, as a part of the work.  I currently do not have a store on this website, so if you would like to add any of these original artworks to your fine art collection, please contact me directly. 

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Rings 191119

2019, 11"x14"-pigmented ink