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New Site!

In 2005, after returning from a tour of duty in Iraq, I created my first official website dedicated to my artistic creations. I have used the same host from the beginning until now. For many years, my website remained severely outdated. This was because I did not stay up on the technology of creating web pages, which made it more difficult to continue to update the website.

Like many artists, I work in more than one genre and with more than one medium. My last site went through a lot of changes and showcased a lot of those excursions into other genres. For the start of this site, I am focusing on just my "scribble art" style where I scribble with ballpoint pens on paper. I would like to also feature my paintings, but it is difficult for me to capture a good image of the paintings with the camera.

One thing that this site will have that the other one didn't, is the ability to order prints from the website. As I wrote on the About page of the website, I do not currently offer the originals of the ballpoint drawings. The reason for this is pretty simple: most ballpoint ink is not archival and will fade over time if exposed to sunlight. Therefore, after I finish a creation, I scan the image and offer museum-quality prints for purchase. I offer both open-edition prints and limited-edition prints.

I have been experimenting with dip pens in the same "scribble art" style that I do with ballpoint pens. My goal with that is to be able to start offering the originals for sale. I think one of my holiday gifts this year will be a glass dip pen. I am exited to give that a try and hope to write a blog post about it after the holidays. Stay tuned for that!

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post. I encourage you to come back for more as they get posted. And please take a few minutes to view some of my art. Have a great day!

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