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My First Series of Scribble Works

I first started this series of work many, many months ago. It is my first time working on a series of work in my scribble style. I would work on one for a little bit and then set them aside to work on other ideas that I had. Little by little, I would work on it. I finally decided that I am finished and will scan the images soon. Look for them to be listed in the near future.

After I took the picture that I have posted here, I noticed in the picture that they still need a tad bit more work. I then went back in and added some more ink to the areas that I felt needed it.

If you notice in the picture that in some spots, there are some small dark spots of ink. Like Bob Ross would say, they are "happy little accidents." I am sure most of you have had a pen leak a little bit of ink when writing - that is basically what happened here. In these pieces, I felt that the accidents actually added to the look of the piece. I also usually follow the mantra that art doesn't need to be perfect.

Each of these works were completed with ballpoint pens on 11"x14" sheets of Bristol board. As of the writing of this blog post, I have not given a title to these pieces.

I don't suspect that I will be doing too many series of artworks in this style. I feel like I come up with too many ideas and don't want to spend too much time on one idea, such as a series of similar works. I don't currently have any other series of scribble works on the radar, but I do have a series of paintings that I am working on right now.

Have a great and artful day!

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