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A Lot of Drawing in 2018

This past year has brought about my most-creative year of scribbling to date. If I counted correctly, I have finished 87 scribble drawings this year, and there is still time to finish a few more. In 2017, I finished 43 scribble drawings.

Also during this year, I discovered the Sakura Gelly Roll gel pens supposedly dispense archival ink. Therefore, back around the beginning of September, I purchased a set of Gelly Roll Classic pens and began creating artworks in the same scribble style that I was doing with the ballpoint pens before that. I really enjoy the fact that the pigment ink in these pens is archival, but I miss the look and the somewhat translucent nature of the water-based ink in the ballpoint pens. I had several ballpoint pieces partially finished when I made the switch to gel pens, and I haven't gone back to finish them yet. I still plan on finishing them and will probably still create more ballpoint scribble works in the future.

In my quest to create scribble works in my scribble style, before I found out about Gelly Roll pens, I started creating artworks with Sakura Pigma Micron pens. I have been using these Micron pens for probably almost 20 years, but never thought of them as pens, rather as markers. To me, they were just like Sharpie's fine tip marker, just a lot better. When I was on Sakura's website a few months ago, I noticed that they refer to their line of Pigma Micron as pens, which has led to me now calling them pens also. In the picture above, I am using a Pigma Micron pen on a piece that I also used some Sakura Pigma Brush pens.

All of this means that I now have a few more ways of creating scribble artworks than I did a year ago at this time. (About this time last year is when I started experimenting with the use of applying archival acrylic ink with a glass dip pen.) Here is a list of the ways I have to create scribble works:

- Ballpoint pens

- Gel pens

- Pigma Micron pens

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