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New Scanner Needed

I don't know how long my scanner has been acting up like this, but when I scanned this image with a large flat black area, I saw an issue that I was unaware of.

A while back, I noticed that the scanner was a little off, but I still used it just to post my finished drawings on this website and on my social media platforms.

That first issue that I found was that there were parts of the image that were blurry. It was hard to see, but when I enlarged the image, I could see two different areas that were affected. I checked a few other scans from that time and found the blurriness in the same spots. I cleaned the top of the glass and did another scan, but had the same results. Then I took the scanner apart to clean the underside of the glass, but that didn't affect the outcome either.

It was at that point that I stopped selling prints of any artwork completed after that. I wanted to get another scanner, but didn't want to shell out the money to get another one just yet because I wasn't selling enough artwork to justify the expense at the time.

In the image I posted here, I noticed another discrepancy in the scan. It may be a little hard for you to see, but there is definitely a problem that I can't fix.

I have been searching for quite some time to find an affordable A3-sized scanner that is good for scanning artwork. It proved to be much more difficult that I had imagined. So far, I have only been able to find a few. One is the model that I have already (but can't find anywhere that has it for sale), another one from a company with a very similar name to the one I have, and then some by Epson, but those are over $1000 each. The scanner that sounds best for my needs runs at about $2400 on Amazon. As much as I would like to get that one, it is currently not good for my budget.

In case you are wondering what scanner I have now, it is a Mustek A3 2400. The company is located in one of the Middle Eastern countries (I forgot which one). I have not seen any good reviews for their customer service, so I haven't even tried that route. I actually bought my scanner from Walmart (online) for under $500. Their website still has the scanner listed, but says it is unavailable for purchase. If you are looking for a scanner, I would suggest that you stay away from Mustek.

Instead of buying a scanner right now, I am going to look into having someone else professional scan my work, if I can find some decent pricing options.

So, do you have any recommendations for me?

Have a great and artful day!

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