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I Started a New YouTube Series

I recently started recording episodes of "Scribble Artworks by Troy Thomas" that will be available to view on YouTube.

As of right now, my vision is for each episode to showcase my complete scribble works. In Episode 1, I start with the first piece that I created back in 2010, and continue to show pieces that I finished in 2010 and 2011, all in chronological order.

In the first few episodes, I cover pieces over a few years or several months. In some of my later episodes, I intend to release an episode for each month of creations.

I recorded many takes of the first episode before eventually settling on this one. I know it could have been better, but I determined that I should just get a decent one recorded and the following episodes will hopefully get better. At the moment, I am just using my iPhone to record and edit these. Maybe later on I will get some better equipment, which shout put out some better-quality video.

I would be grateful if you took some time to watch some of my video and subscribe to my channel.


Have a great and artful day!

Instagram: @artbytroythomas

Facebook: ArtByTroyThomas

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