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Supporting an Artist’s Career

The cover story in the current edition of Tampa's Creative Loafing magazine (Vol 32, No. 47) is about how galleries and collectors help support the careers of artists.

I read this one-page article this morning, and in it, there are three local artists that were spoken to. Two of them had similar views on how important it is to have collectors of their artwork. It was even mentioned that there is a difference between a collector and a "trophy hunter." One artist stated that a collector not only collects the art that they love and appreciate, but also wants to be a part of the artist's growth.

I agree that it is important to have collectors that believe in the future of the artist. As for my career, I am still looking for collectors of my art. Once I become brave enough to market myself, maybe I can become more well-known in the art world and have people lined up to buy any new art that I produce. Until then, I just keep creating art.

Another artist mentioned that Tampa has a nice contemporary arts scene, but doesn't think that people are aware of the art talent and artworks that can bee seen or purchased in this area. This is another idea that I am in agreement with. When I moved to St. Petersburg, I was happy to be coming to a city that used to be ranked high for the mid-sized art scenes and looked forward to becoming a part of the scene. Soon after moving here though, I realized that while the area may be very artsy, it wasn't really wasn't the scene for me. I was disappointed in the lack of contemporary art galleries. It seemed like most of the galleries I explored, dealt with either touristy, Floridian art or street art. Also, I would see the same artists' works in multiple galleries. There were very few galleries that would have solo shows for artists - most were group shows of a particular theme or I would walk into the gallery and find the same artwork on the walls from a few months prior, except for the few pieces that may have sold within that time. Instead of trying to become a major player in the scene, I just got into groups shows occasionally and have been creating a lot of artwork that has only been seen through my social media platforms.

At this point of my art career, I need to make some decisions that could have a big impact on the rest of my art career. Should I still try to become a major part of the Tamp Bay art scene by attempting to open people's minds to the idea that there is art out there different from beach scenes and graffiti-style painting? Or should I look into moving to another city where my artwork would be more-accepting and trying to become a big player there?

What do you think about some of the things brought up in this post?

Thanks for reading. Have a great and artful day!

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