• Troy Thomas

"Abstract Landscape 200423" - ink drawing

Title: Abstract Landscape 200423

Artist: Troy Thomas

Size: 11"x14"

Medium: ink on paper

On April 23rd, 2020, I logged in to watch my artist friend, Ronnie Ford, do a live stream from his home in Scotland for Ode to Art, an art gallery in Singapore that represents him. In the live stream, he was giving a tutorial on painting a landscape painting, and many viewers were following along and working on their own paintings, mostly following his lead. I was just watching the stream and enjoying his lesson. Toward the end of the stream, I decided that I would do a version of his painting, but I used gel pens on paper instead of paint on a canvas. This was my end result and I had fun doing my own version.

© 2020 by Troy Thomas.

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