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Blog Post for Each Completed Artwork

Updated: May 29

I have decided that I will *TRY* to create a blog post for each completed artwork that I create. There is an emphasis on "try" because if you look through my previous blogs posts, you will notice that I am quite infrequent with my posting.

I have been creating a lot of drawings and paintings with pretty generic titles. I want my artwork to be a little more visible in the search engines if someone is looking for artwork like I create. Having a blog post for each artwork, where I can briefly describe the artwork, might help with that. Maybe I will write a blog at a later point about my decision to give my artwork general titles instead of witty or strange titles like some other artists do.

With this being said, be prepared for a lot of posts coming up after this one. I don't want to go back and post all of the artworks that I have images for, because there are quite a lot of creations. I think it might be close to 500 works just from 2018 and 2019. I will only go back a short bit and start with the beginning of this year, 2020.

Have a great and artful day!


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