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Downloadable (Digital) Coloring Pages

A few months ago, I started drawing designs that I planned on making into a coloring book to sell online. I wanted to have at least 60 hand-drawn designs together before publishing a book. It is about halfway there. Stay tuned for the news about my coloring book completion.

I had forgotten about having the ability to sell digital files on Etsy until recently. So while I am late to the game to offer coloring pages on my Etsy account, I have started. Most of the day yesterday was spent scanning designs and creating multiple file types of each design. Part of last night and part of today, I spent listing some of the designs in my shop. I have many more to list, which will probably happen later today and in the next few days. I also need to get back to drawing more designs.

I have had an Etsy account since 2015, and I have only had six sales through there in that time. Maybe these coloring pages will help me increase that number. Who wants to buy some designs to start coloring?

Thanks for reading this blog post today. Have a great and artful day!


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