• Troy Thomas

“Foldover 200418”

Title: Foldover 200418

Artist: Troy Thomas

Size: 9"x9"

Medium: ink on paper

This is the first blog post featuring one of my "Foldover" artworks. A little while ago, I began to experiment with making the sheet of paper into a 3-dimensional piece of artwork. The folded-over piece of the paper will probably have cut-outs or notches. The flap will cast a shadow on the back part. Since the light source could often change, that means the overall look of the artwork would look different depending on where the viewer was standing to look at it. Therefore, the shadow becomes a part of the artwork.

A scan of these artworks would be difficult to capture the way I want these artworks to appear. That is the reason for this image of me holding the artwork instead of a scan of the image.

I am continuing to experiment with these. The reason for the sizes that I am currently making is to fit frames that I can readily get. However, I do not like the quality of these frames, so I am on the hunt for some better ones, hopefully with more size options.

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