• Troy Thomas

"P:200309" - textured acrylic painting

Title: P:200309

Artist: Troy Thomas

Size: 24"x36"x1.5"

Medium: modeling paste and acrylic paint on canvas

I started this canvas by adding modeling paste to most of the face of the canvas, leaving a strip on the left, bottom, and right sides. The textured area was painted yellow, while the strips were painted a dark blue color. The edges of the canvas were treated a little differently. Where the textured area met the edge along the top, I continued the yellow paint. The bottom edge and the two small sides of the top edge were painted with the same color as the strips on the front. Red was used to paint each of the side edges.

So when looking at this painting straight on, you will only see two colors, with the shadows from the texture adding hues to the yellow field. However, the painting changes when viewing this from an angle and the third color is then seen.

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