• Troy Thomas

"P:200314" - textured acrylic painting

Title: P:200314

Artist: Troy Thomas

Size: 8"x8"x1.5"

Medium: modeling paste and acrylic paint on wood panel

A couple years ago, I opened one of my jars of modeling paste and found that it had dried up a little bit and not suitable for the project that I wanted to work on at the time. I had a small wood panel available, so I scooped all of the paste out of the jar and covered the face of the panel with it. Using a palette knife, I basically molded the paste into an abstract form. I didn't know what to do with the piece after that, so I left it to dry on the shelf and didn't get back to it until earlier this year when I started painting it.

I settled on using just one color for the face to keep it minimal. The heavy textures casts some nice shadows to give it the appearance of having different hues. When looking at this from the side, it is slightly less minimal when you can see that the edges have strips of different colors. The left and right sides have a mustard and a blue strip. The top and bottom edges and the same mustard strip, but the other strip is purple.

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