• Troy Thomas

"Rings 200530" - geometric abstraction ink drawing

Title: Rings 200530

Artist: Troy Thomas

Size: 11"x14"

Medium: ink on paper

For this drawing, I started out by marking out the five "arms", rotated slightly counter-clockwise from where I usually similar divisions. I then added the rings, and left the design like that for quite a while. I sketched the design in June of 2019, and the only note I left for myself was how I intended the outline to be done. I do not remember what my original color thoughts were for this piece, but it probably would have included covering the entire sheet of paper with ink. Once I had the motivation to start inking this drawing, I decided that I wanted a lot of white space. The arms were filled in with orange ink and the rings were filled with red ink. I finished it off with black ink for the outline.

© 2020 by Troy Thomas.

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