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Painting a Smiley Face

August 8, 2019



I recently finished a painting for a local gallery show where every artwork in the show was supposed to incorporate the classic smiley face, and it had to be no larger than 24 inches.  I chose to do a textured painting on a stretched 24"x24" canvas. The first thing I did, was to sketch the layout on the canvas with a pencil.  Then I applied flexible modeling paint to the canvas - a small amount in a few areas, but pretty thick on most of the design. After allowing it to dry for a few days, I sanded the textured areas, then applied a coat of black acrylic paint over then entire canvas using a palette knife and a few different paint brushes.  The next day, I looked for some of the nooks within the texture that got missed with the first covering and applied more black paint to those areas.  Once I was satisfied with the background, I put a latex glove on my right hand and used my finger to apply yellow acrylic paint to the heavily-textured area of the smiley face.  After I felt that the painting was complete, I added my signature logo to the side of the canvas.  I let it dry for a couple more days, and then added a layer of matte varnish to the painting.  The title of the piece is "Smiley Face 190802."


What do you think of this painting?



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