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I like to draw a lot of geometric shapes, especially circles. Therefore, most of my art will fall under the category of geometric abstraction.  As far as mediums, I like to create paintings with acrylic paint on canvas or board. I also like to create "scribble art" drawings with ballpoint pens on paper.

In my childhood, I played around with different styles of art, such as drawing or some oil painting on smaller canvases. There were dreams of being an artist when I got older, but I wasn't really serious about doing fine art back then.

While deployed in Baghdad, I made the decision to get serious about art after I returned home - this was partly because I had saved up some money and could then afford to buy a lot of professional-quality paint and larger canvases.  Therefore, after returning from that tour of Iraq in 2005 is when I consider the start of my art career.  I have created many paintings since then and continue to make more paintings.

In 2010, I developed a method of drawing by scribbling with ballpoint pens.  For the first four pieces, I only used one color of ink per color field.  After that, I started using two or more different colors per color field, which falls under the method of divisionism. (Very similar to the style of pointillism or stippling.)  In 2015, I started creating a lot more "scribble art" pieces than paintings.  Beyond the ballpoint pens, I also do the scribble art with archival, pigmented ink pens, as well as dip pens with acrylic ink.

Even though I do have some favorites, I do not get attached to my creations and am willing to allow any of my art to be added to someone else's fine art collection.  I am always honored when someone purchases my art.

Please feel free to follow me on my social media accounts.  (Hint: I am most active on Instagram.)

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